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Bonus Bitcoin Trick | Earn 130-180 Satoshi On Every Claim

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Hello friends, Today I will show you a trick for bonus bitcoin. Actually, this is not a trick but a small setting which we will have to do before the claim.

Using this you can claim 130-180 satoshi on every claim. I guarantee it. Which means that you can earn daily 10000 satoshis with bonus bitcoin faucet.

If you don’t have a bonus bitcoin account then create one to start earning.

Bonus bitcoin is a bitcoin claim faucet completely free to use and minimum withdraw limit is 50000 satoshis without any fees. Using this setting you can withdraw every 5th day and also be using the 5% bonus your satoshis will increase every.

A win-win situation. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Naveen Sharma says:

    thank s bro

  2. ANIL YADAV says:

    hello sir plz ish par bhi video bnao
    aaj hi site launched hue hai

  3. ANIL YADAV says:

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  4. EarnBitcoinEasy says:

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  5. Ramky says:

    Ear 35000 Satoshis daily

  6. Harvinder Khurana says:


    1. Navdeep Kumar says:

      Thanks a lot.

  7. Sonyc88 says:

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  8. TOP 10 says:

    sir it only give 58 rest
    i think i had used your link so it deducted from my earning

    1. Navdeep Kumar says:

      no bro. the average is very low nowadays in bonusbitcoin. Ok.

    2. TOP 10 says:

      sir plz make a vedio to win bitcoin by playing dice game

    3. Navdeep Kumar says:

      ok bro.

  9. MANISH KUMAR says:

    too old

  10. Bitcoin and ptc master says:

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  11. Andrew Fernandes says:

    how to change my average it is showing 26 i want 126how i can change

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