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eToro Making My Investments Easier & Social #eToro

eToro Making My Investments Easier & Social

Check out eToro here

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  1. Paul Phillips says:

    copying other investors without knowing what you are doing could be very dangerous to your wealth. I think most people would be better of in a balanced ISA spread across the FTSE

    1. Geekanoids says:

      +Paul Phillips All investment comes with risk, the copy feature allows the less experienced to use the platform with ease and the social aspect.

  2. Kurt Nooks says:

    When everyone’s investing it’s time to divest.

    1. Geekanoids says:

      +D Paignall 😀

  3. T Towndrow says:

    Hiya is this a sponsored review?

    1. MITM Adamsville says:

      yes, it says so in the description; however his opinion is his own

    2. MITM Adamsville says:

      yes, it says so in the description; however his opinion is his own

    3. T Towndrow says:

      hmmmm should of really used the platform for a longer period of time before deeming
      its satisfactory for your viewers or at least done abit of outside the box
      Spent 5 minutes researching eToro and so far its not good…….please read comments onbelow link for users experience.
      I have been trading (spread-betting mostly) for almost two
      years and there’s no easy way around making money other than researching and
      educating yourself. The closest I’ve found to a working class “fund manager” is
      Investyourway and I only used them as its through IG’s platform(reputable firm)…..just my two pence anyway

    4. Geekanoids says:

      +T Towndrow Yes, it states this in the video itself and in the video description.

    5. Chris Gilbert says:

      +T Towndrow I am thinking of playing the markets and have just read this link as well, doesn’t bode well for the first review I read about eToro!!!

  4. Kick biker says:

    Dave! Your reviews, (sponsored or not) are very well put together considering the diversity of stuff you have uploaded. Well impressed ……. Respect!

    1. Geekanoids says:

      +Kick biker Thank you so much, that is really appreciated.

  5. hans chueh says:

    Can you do a video explaining about investing, I’m new to this, I don’t get how you can get money by just clicking something.
    Will you be updating with us about your profit percentages?

    1. Geekanoids says:

      +hans chug I hope to do an update in the future.

  6. Dirk Power says:

    of all the videos to push as an advertisement, this was not a good choice.

    funny thing is, I may well have been interested in this channel, but I’m tired of seeing it and it’s becoming a little obnoxious.

  7. אלעד בב says:

    i have a question, first of all great video very informative.
    my question is , why do investors, who you copy and are suppose to be very good and with many experience in trading, need to work with etoro? what do they benefit of it ?
    are they getting something out of it if they have many copiers? or so on…

    1. Geekanoids says:

      Yes, if they perform well and get copied, they get rewarded bonuses too.

  8. Rachel DU says:

    Is it a scam?

    1. Geekanoids says:

      Worked for me.

    2. Bob V says:

      Still there? How much is your average profit like?

    3. Bob V says:

      Doesn’t look like a scam. Though, its your money, and you trade it. If I know correctly, they make money from the bid/ask spreads. But I would like other’s opinions on this as well.

  9. Bob V says:

    On eToro i have seen some users with like a -99.15% over one month, that’s like losing all the money. And one particular user I tried to talk to, was really rude. I wonder what is it with such users who are constantly losing money? Why are they there? Why are they not exiting, or just copying some other trader who is actually making some profits. Any ideas?

    1. Glau00 says:

      Someone has to lose so that others earn. Why they stay there… no idea.

  10. ouss ama says:

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  11. George wilson says:

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    1. Philips wayne says:

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    3. Terry walcott says:

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    4. George wilson says:

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  12. Sai.D.A says:

    i want to trade in etoro but i saw some videos that says etoro is just a web site that makes people invest there money and they take all that money and makes people lose, it’s fake , and i really dont know he right from the wrong here and i dont want to waste my money if it’s fake, so i’m asking you if etoro truely is a real place to win money?

    1. Murphy Clint says:

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    2. norman eric says:

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    3. doyle larry says:

      mr scott strategy is awesome

  13. PATRICK JACK says:

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    1. PATRICK JACK says:

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  14. wesley martin says:

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  15. sSoul_17 says:

    I see that people from the US are not eligible to using the site as far as stock exchanging goes. Anybody know why?

    1. Geekanoids says:

      Most likely trading restrictions governed by financial laws. I am really unsure though.

  16. Ann says:

    this sucks b/c its not avaiable in the US

  17. martin yates says:

    Good morning. Are you able to tell me if the people that we copy, get paid – is there an incentive for them . .? Also, I know etoro charges a fee to withdraw the funds, is this etoro s only way of making money from this?

    1. Geekanoids says:

      Yes some get paid based on their performance if they are copied. I am not sure of the second answer.

    2. martin yates says:

      ah thanks, thats fine ! IVe gambled $300 so far, haha. But its going ok, and I think I will try £200 per month and see how it goes 🙂

  18. Geoff Allibone says:

    According to many reviews on Trustpilot this organisation is a scam! BEWARE!

  19. Marc Lopez says:

    There is a youtube channel which beats gold, real estate,
    hedge funds and the S&P 500. Their investment performance is hmmm. You
    better check it out by yourself and the youtube channel is called xxreport

  20. Joshua Smith says:

    This is sponsored

    1. Geekanoids says:

      +Joshua Smith correct. This is detailed in the video description.

    2. Joshua Smith says:

      Geekanoids Yes I fully understand that but I sense that many of the people here have not acknowledged that and commented likewise. Please take no offense sir but I think that some people might go onto this expecting the very best. I hear the app is not the best 🙁

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