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mlsp vs. empower network vs power lead system review of PLS and My Lead System Pro

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Power Lead System vs. MLSP

What is the difference between MLSP, Empower Network and Power Lead System? I’ve been asked this question several times.

First, It’s important to understand the difference between what MLSP is vs. what PLS is. MLSP is more of a training program whereas PLS is a marketing tool suite, where you can build complete sales funnels for your team including lead capture pages, sales pages, autoresponder campaigns and more. There is a sharing feature within PLS where your new recruits in your MLM or network marketing company can enter a sharing code and have immediate access to your team’s custom marketing systems.

Empower Network on the other hand … their flagship product is a $25 per month blogging platform.

Power Lead System is a newer program than MLSP
You can sell Power Lead System as a front end offer just like you can Empower Network or MLSP
You can build custom marketing funnels in Power Lead System and share them with your team at the click of a button.
And finally, I have found that Power Lead System is easier to sell as a front end offer than MLSP or Empower Network.

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  1. Brian Kelly says:

    Great video, I really like how you gave a positive break down of each company and described the pros and cons it is very professional.  I see so many things that bash one company or another.   I am in MLSP and I really like it.   I have been in Empower Network and know alot of people that have used it and liked it as well.  I’m just not much of a blogger right now.    Never even heard of PLS but it sounds cool too.      Again really great job on the video.

  2. Viet Vu says:

    Interesting I want to try pls
    Great video

  3. Stella Holt says:

    I am really into this! I have been debating whether to go with MLSP or Empower Network or both. I had no idea about this. I still think I will us MLSP because I am a sucker for good training, but I think I am going to use Power Lead System as well if I can (unless Power Lead System has conflict of interest rules that exclude MLSP) Anyway I am sold. By the way the word you were looking for is duplicity 🙂

    1. Scott LeFoll says:

      Stella,  not to be too picky about it … but duplicity means being two-faced, not honest, basically a liar.  I think the word he meant was duplicability.  Kind of a mouthful.

    2. Stella Holt says:

      The more you know!!

    3. Scott LeFoll says:

      Which system did you go with?  And how did you do with it?

    4. Stella Holt says:

      I ended up using Power Lead System which is great training!! I did OK but I am seriously thinking about Empower Network just because blogging is what I do an they’re system is second to none in that arena!

    5. Kay Winkler says:

      +Stella Holt Hi Stella. Ever thought about Wealthy Affiliate? Affiliate program and really cool community for blogging. Blogging and learning how to build a real business for selling affiliate products. This will give you power and affiliate commissions because its not that hypy like EN or MLSP with the many upsells… You can contact me if you want! Cheers, Kay

  4. Jason Samra says:

    Hey im very interested in joining you team! How can i contact you?

    1. Network Marketing Success says:

      Hi Jason – you can contact me at tyson@marketing-boot-camp.com or find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tysonzahner
      I look forward to working with you

  5. Teresa Street says:

    I love Power Lead System!  Great review!

  6. Power Lead System VIP | Power Lead System Review says:

    Simple….PLS 1000% !

  7. bhomer555 says:

    I thought the PLS was free as well? 

  8. Anthony Burgos says:

    From the looks of it I’m liking both MLSP and PLS. what to do what to do.

  9. TheHighStatusMillionaire says:

    So P ower lead system is the best..

  10. Nydza Flores says:

    I’m not sure who’s talking here but please get in touch with me. I would like your help

  11. Demetra Richardson says:

    Really good info!

  12. Jrion says:

    I dont have aweber, I have getresponse as my autoresponder. Can I tie that into the pls system?

    1. Justin Rowell says:

      +Jrion They’re supposed to be in the process of doing that now.

  13. Aaron Bunch says:

    Hey Tyson, I am interested in LSP. Is there any way we can discuss the details. Thanks!

  14. Ariole Dieujuste says:

    All three of these companies are awesome. Very interesting video. Thank for sharing the information. Okay, back to making money online for me 🙂 Enjoy your day.

  15. Stephen Muhammad says:

    Hey Tyson i’m in the UK?

  16. Ryan Tavarez says:

    so its safe to use pls and if yes ill be in your team

  17. Connie Kheswa says:

    Sounds like a great product, tell me more.

  18. jessica daniels says:

    Please do your research better, if you are going to do something like this. MLSP DOES have Get Response auto responder that COMES WITH A MASTERY MEMBERSHIP. MLSP also has MLSP sites (BLOG) ALSO, you say the capture pages are promoting mlsp ONLY. That is not true Either!!! MLSP has funnelizer software to create ANYTHING you want to promote ANYTHING you want, including your own primary business…..So, when you are trying to recruit into YOUR OWN business, SLAMMING & GIVING FALSE INFORMATION ABOUT MLSP IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. NO INTEGRITY!!!

    1. Julian Suarez says:

      +jessica daniels yea she is right

  19. Michael Allen Whitehead says:

    UPDATE 2015- MLSP offers now offers everything and more than the other 2 mentioned in your video

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