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Power Lead System | Compensation Plan

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Power Lead System I strongly invite you to check out and watch the brief video so that you can introduce this to others before someone else does.

Would you like the easily earn a lucrative income giving away free lead systems?

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  1. Skinny Body Care says:
  2. pj bryant says:

    your link is gone

  3. Vernon Brooke says:

    The Best Marketing system I have ever used.

  4. Eduardo Thomazin says:

    is this the same company as lead lightning???

    1. Al Morris says:

      +Eduardo Thomazin
      yes, lead lightning is affiliated with them but just an extra income source.

  5. ckhang says:

    Dumbest comp plan ever! Why would I want to give my referral to a lazy up line who’s going to eat off me? I refer 6 personal but only keep 3? Seriously you people have no brain or something?

    1. IMwithJeff says:

      +ckhang this obviously went completely over your head lol…

    2. Al Morris says:

      you must did not see the whole video because those three are going to pass up to you and the other three you rolled up to your up line , you still get 50% of what they make, so if they are bringing in1000 you get 500 from each person you rolled up to your up line. plus your other three you kept will be rolling there pass ups to you also. you follow me brother? look at it this way we all gone eat when we work and when we dont. contact me for a better insight brother.
      http://www.PLS-paysme.com my number is on my website

    3. WAH Ron says:

      Al Morris site don’t work

  6. Robbie Costa says:


  7. Ram Singh says:

    How I will get money from leads. I am newcomer for leads. Please let me know exactly for deeper involvement.

  8. bobby smith says:

    but what are we selling, i dont have a company to promote or anything to sell?

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