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Power Lead System Training 2015 – What is the Power Lead System

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Power Lead System Training 2015 – What is the Power Lead System

Well everyone, it’s finally time to share hehe. Don’t be upset with me that it took me 8 months to share the Power Lead System with you πŸ™‚ Before introducing you to anything, I want to make sure it has value and does what it says it will do so I test it first before presenting it to you and the Power Lead system is on it.

Such an amazing arsenal of tools to help you in any biz. Enjoy this overview and stay tuned because I have a ton of training videos showing you how to use the functions inside to explode any business you are in. Stay Blessed!

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  1. Donna DeFelice says:

    I’m interested

    1. Carin Petty says:

      Hey Donna! How have you been πŸ™‚Β  here’s the website to check it out

  2. thomas flowers says:

    you are to funny

  3. Duane Banks says:

    Thank you Carin!

  4. Adelaide Smith says:


  5. Alexander Herrera says:

    I Michelangelo Lopez still involved with the Power Lead System?

    1. Carin Petty says:

      +Alexander Herrera Hey Alexander πŸ™‚ Yes absolutely. This month is my 1 year anniversary with the PLS business suite… hmm wonder if I get flowers and a nice dinner hahha. On a serious note, absolutely. It’s been an amazing addition to my businesses. Stay Blessed!

  6. Ariole Dieujuste says:

    I actually heard of this company from friends. Interesting video. Thank for sharing Carin. Okay, back to making money online for me πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day.

  7. Jim McKinley says:

    Carin, What is the difference of “Power Lead System” and “Lead Lightning”?

    1. Rosa Pena says:

      +Jim McKinley Lead lightning is a one time payment of $7 with unedited capture page, sales page and autoresponder. Power lead system is the whole system unlocks all features with no limitations.

  8. Tony Galvin says:

    Hi Carin…..I’m already in PLS (Member & Affiliate) I really enjoyed your Intro video !! I have just connected with you on Facebook & would like to know if there is an Overview Video for….AWN…?? Tony G

  9. Tamara Nash says:

    let me ask, do you have a business to do this.

  10. afrohealer says:

    what is the difference btw the pro version of the freeleadsystem and the powerleadsystem? Are they the same thing?

  11. Trish Descafano says:

    I have been in PLS for 2monthsΒ and I don’t know what I amΒ not doing right. I haven’t made one sale. I am fairly green. I feel lost at times.

    1. Carin Petty says:

      +Trish Descafano Hey Trish and Happy New year!!!! Are you still in PLS? If so let me know and I’ll help you any way that I can. Reply back when you get a chance and lets get you moving forward. Stay Blessed!

    2. Trish Descafano says:

      +Carin Petty yes I am still in PLS. I am having financial strains right now. So my funds are limited. But any extra education I can get will surely help.

    3. Carin Petty says:

      +Trish Descafano Hey Trish, went over to your Youtube to send you a message but I couldn’t find where to do it for some reason. Log into your PLS back office and once you’re logged in on the Getting started page, look down below the “Social Profit Academy” button and you’ll see my email address. Send me an email there so we can connect and I can help you get going going going!!!! Hope you get this message!

  12. Suman Hussain says:

    Carin I messages u a lot before an no reply I don’t want the PLS I already got an PLS account please reply back

    1. Carin Petty says:

      +Suman Hussain Hey there and Happy New year! This is the first message I am seeing. What was it you needed help with?

  13. SimplyQF Z says:

    it wont except my credited card like why

    1. SimplyQF Z says:

      +Carin Petty Thank You

    2. Carin Petty says:

      +sss Nake no problem and let me know when you hear back from them. They may get back to your ticket first πŸ˜‰

    3. Carin Petty says:

      +sss Nake I just had a thought, ouch that hurts hahaha. Anyways, I checked my list of available countries and yes, Ireland is there. However it may be your CC company blocking the transaction because the purchase is being made in the U.S. so I would suggest calling them and letting them know that it is actually you that is setting up and then go back and try again after you speak with them. I forgot this sometimes happens and it actually happened with me personally while I was away in another country. I called them, they made the notes and then it went through so give that a shot. Once your set up, you can email me from back there and let’s get you set up and on your way!

    4. SimplyQF Z says:

      Thank you so much for the help Lots of respect

    5. Carin Petty says:

      +Siphesihle Nake How did it work out? Was it your CC card blocking it?

  14. SimplyQF Z says:

    is it only in the usa ? because I’m living in Ireland

  15. Make Money says:

    why are u cracking up again

  16. Imran 2016 says:


  17. Marlin Carter says:

    I love using The Power Lead System..

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