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Pure Leverage Review – A Straightforward Review Of Pure Leverage


In this Pure Leverage Review I give my straightforward review and opinion of this opportunity and the tool suite you receive.

As I reviewed Pure Leverage I looked at many things from the leadership to the compensation plan to the product and it was all impressive and that is why I joined pure leverage.

I have know Joel the owner for several years now and have been using GVO products to grow my list and to host my list. I have used the webinar platform to train and sell to my list and team, and am now using Pure Leverage to grow my list even more and use the new tools provided.

What you get with Pure Leverage:

-A top notch autoresponder
-A powerful training platform
-A webinar platform
-A video email system (to build deep relationships with your list)
-A capture page system
-A blog (will be available shortly
-A coop of done for you traffic to your capture pages if you chose to participate

All for under $25 bucks!

In this Pure Leverage Review I show you that the value is there. The leadership is there and has the experience and money to keep this system alive and kicking for the long term, because who likes to build a downline and lose it?

In short… My opinion is to get in!

After you join through my link above email me and I will get you access to bonus products and videos. This is for my team and their teams only and is in the process of being done and compiled as we speak.

To your success!

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  1. Jonathan Burke says:

    Pure Leverage is an amazing opportunity for any online marketer. They provide the tools every internet marketer needs at the best prices on the market and pay out huge commissions too! I like it a lot!

  2. Wendy Boon says:

    Very informative video Jonathan, this explains the value very well, thanks for this review.

  3. Jonathan Burke says:

    Thanks for the feedback Wendy! I appreciate it!

  4. Ed Cronin says:

    Great video and he his a great person as well because he will talk to on the phone —emails and any way you need him to if you are really going to do the work. I know him and he has really been their when I needed him. This video tells us the strait up truth.

  5. Jonathan Burke says:

    Hey Ed, Thanks for the kind words my friend. You are a privilege to work with.

  6. Ed Cronin says:

    hey you are welcome!!!

  7. Jonathan Burke says:

    Thanks Paul!

  8. Sergio D says:

    That’s a great review, Jonathan!

  9. Pure Leverage says:

    Continued good luck with your biz, Jonathan

    1. Jonathan Burke says:

      I love the tools, the company and the pay plan. Looks like you do too.

  10. Anders Dakin says:

    These tools are great 🙂

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