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Udimi Solo Ads Review – What to buy and not buy

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Here’s a quick video of me answering questions about my last udimi review where people asked which providers I purchase solo ads from.

Udimi is a solo ad network where you can purchase solo ads from providers, see reviews and amount of sales other people are getting when purchasing a solo ad. These features will allow everyone to know what they are buying and makes it easier for you to avoid bad solo ad providers.

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  1. eadekolu says:

    can this work with CPA?

    1. Sean Bagheri says:

      Haven’t done it so I can’t tell.

  2. Mitchell Tucker says:

    Would you recommend buying this to send traffick to your blog or does this work better for just landing pages?

    1. Sean Bagheri says:

      Not at all, just landing pages.

  3. Sage Sevon says:

    Can you use this to promote products from click-bank and actually make sales without a landing page?

    1. Sean Bagheri says:

      I haven’t done it without a landing page so I can’t tell but if you don’t have a landing page, you’re basically wasting your money.

  4. Murat Arat says:

    After creating landing page , then do you need to follow up them or. they decide to buy it or not?

  5. Gina Ack says:

    I’d like to see a video on how you write a swipe.

  6. Eric Perich says:

    Great Info! Thank You!

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