6 simple steps to a lease option deal

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13 thoughts on “6 simple steps to a lease option deal

  1. Hey how you doing, my name is Leo. I was at a meeting the other night and I was introduced to your website and podcast through a man named Jeff Rappaport. I’m on the property hunt. Good videos

  2. HAHA… Is "he"(at: "Guru U") in northern Florida, perhaps!? Check- out the 'paper' explanation this guy Carson did, I just favorited and "thumbs- up'd." (This is like having a mind map in your face, for the duration…) The relentless rollercoaster info barrage leads to an 'overwhelm' feeling results in "not taking action…" so who does this ultimately BENEFIT?! I bought one of your courses over two years ago, then realized I should have invested the money into the WLO course (I didn't yet know about) vs. the "Automated, Mojo…" then found ALL the other: "mentors, trainers, coaches and gurus…" became side- tracked and now after MANY hours of study, research and strategic planning, etc. could now also "write books on doing creative terms deals!" (And have thought of several other deal strategies…)

    This is precisely the other HALF (?) of the equation… keeping people from "taking action," "staying FOCUSED" and then (after 2- 6 months?) doing several deals and then "staying the course," vs. "chasing their tail in circles…" whilst spending a LOT of time, energy and money on trainings and courses… or alternately watching hundreds of videos, and never (or years later?) taking ACTION!? In my defense… I didn't have the FUNDS or credit leverage (after business, investment and relationship losses…) but DO as a result now have a three stage plan to completely "disrupt the industry…" in ADVANCE of even setting- up the first of several interrelated companies, or hiring, delegating and outsourcing, etc. (i.e. "Working SMART vs. HARD, comes with age???)

    SO, in summary… One (+) can either "take massive action?" Have a PLAN and take incremental action?? Or ultimately… NEVER end- up, taking consistent action?!?
    (And I don't intend to end- up another 'statistic,' in the latter category!!!)

  3. 4:30 steps begin.
    1. Marketing, Craigslist and Zillow, FSBO & FRBO, send text message (or email when no phone number). Consider SlyDial to send quiet voicemail.
    2. Speak with owner to get more information on the property and why the owner is selling. Offer to send more details on what you're proposing.
    3. Follow-up until the property is off-market, or they tell you to stop calling, or they agree to your deal.
    4. Use short lease-option offer and "sandwich lease-option" form.
    5. Market the property to CraigsList and Zillow, Facebook Marketplace & Ads, put details on your website. Use call capture service to build buyer list.
    6. Qualify tenant-buyer (TB): Afford the payments, cash-out in a couple years with new financing, 3% to 5% cash fee to assign your deal with seller to the TB.

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