[Baccarat LIVE Stream] Real Money Baccarat Using A New EZ Way System To Win + Affirmations + Profit?

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27 thoughts on “[Baccarat LIVE Stream] Real Money Baccarat Using A New EZ Way System To Win + Affirmations + Profit?

  1. Hey brunson, thanks for all your vids! I've been addicted with your vids for the past week! 1 question though, from the FXTT to this current strategy, how do you choose which system to play? Thanks man! Stay safe!

  2. Hey BFX, the one website that shows the % on banker vs player, have you ever charted virtual bets against the largest %? In other words you are always on the underdog in those situations?

  3. Hi Brunson I keep watch your Baca Videos your strategy are good. I am having one doubt is this evolution gambling is live or not I am having this doubt

  4. Hey brunson, you do forex?cuz I see Fx in you're name If you do please upload bout trading I also trade and gamble like all your vid

  5. I was testing this and it actually seems to work in reverse as well. On a banker streak and it breaks to player you start betting on player. I tried it and player came in 2-4 hands every time.

  6. I there man! Hoppe you are ok. I have seen your videos and i have to say CONGRATS.
    I am using sometimes your technic (3 players, 1 banker -> bet on bank), and i have to say 3 times i use it and works fine.
    But like you say each one have your own technic.
    Well man thank you for your videos ,cheers mate 😉

  7. Brunson my Man , you’re the Best and only One Master of Gambling. The BrunsonFX the real , if you want to make the money. Love and support always. Thank you for everything you done.

  8. Omg great content once again sir! Just tried it and it was running 90% win percentage! Thanks for providing this strategy for us to make a few quick bets amidst of this pandemic!

  9. Well done sir. This easy way system has been upgraded many times now and I am the first to admit it seems to get better each time.
    You have the right mind set for this sort of thing.
    Keep up the good work my friend we all love you and appreciate your help in helping us. You do it so well…

    Regards – Keith

  10. NICE! I like seeing you win teacher. I have played just betting on banker. Gone back and forth if banker wins then bet on player and if player win back on banker. I use your method in this video as well. Seems to be the best method.

  11. That is a very interesting way to play !! I like that a lot !! As you know I'm in the states I don't know if I could look at all the tables at the same time as you can I play at five dimes and sportsbetting.ag. would I be able to do the same thing you're doing on those sites ?? Also very glad to see you're back in action on YouTube !! Keep these great videos coming ! Cheers to you mate !!

  12. Great video. A great example of how you don't have to bet every hand. If you have a good bet selection strategy and money management you can most certainly win at this game. YOU ROCK!

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