Betting Tips: Bookmaker SCAM? (+£650 RIP-OFF)

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14 thoughts on “Betting Tips: Bookmaker SCAM? (+£650 RIP-OFF)

  1. casino is the biggest crook i ever seen. DO NOT play their casino. I played 5 dollars a hand in black jack, played 15 hands, i went 0-15, i swear to god this is not a lie. I chatted with them and asked why its rigged, they had 0 comment. They had 6 blackjacks out of the 15 hands as well. Someone needs to investigate them.

  2. I see many people complaining about the BM’s but I have yet to understand why. I get that nobody wants their account closed or restricted but why is anyone using it in the first place?

    If the odds and value are better on the exchange then why would anyone ever want to use the BM? I know arbs are a perk but what else? It seems as though the only reason is to get a little free money without taking any risk. I can see why both sides would be upset. But if the BM doesn’t want a punter to take advantage of their offers then why do they even make the offers?

  3. I bet on the boxing, I have experienced the bookies voiding my bets when the initial market is wrong or off. But if the line moves in their favor then they are happy to keep the money. Lately I have had Paddypower, who I trusted, void some of my bets that I won. I took head 2 head on Wilder over Fury and usually, (on all of my previous bets), head to head was treated as a win but now they are treating it as a void? The worrying thing is them deleting bets from my bet history, and once I could not log in due to (suspicious network activity or something along those lines?) and now I can't contact customer support as it say's the web page is not safe. I haven't tried exchanges, it's all foreign to me.

  4. I wanted £100 on misunderstoond at 16/1 to win X factor 2018 Tv show.I was offered 0.32p at 12/1.This bookmaker was the bald headed welsher that I am sure you will all know(The one who hid behind the rock,to avoid paying our friend Barney Curley his winnings),Very stange I was heavily restricted as this was my first bet with the bald welsher .Any idea why they were offering ficticious odds?

  5. When they close your account you have to use the plan B, go to shop around the town and make your bets from their machines . I know is a loose of time to go out instead of being home but that way you still can make your money 😉and they can't do nothing about😂😂😂

  6. Clever idea for everyone. However, Betfair do not pay the levy’s that bookmakers on and off course do. Should everyone use the exchange, eventually there would be no racing left to gamble on. Seems daft I know. The bookmakers make a better margin, but pay a huge amount of levy back into the games itself. Pros and cons.

  7. Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, Betfred, Totesport, Betvictor, Bet365, BetBright, StanJames… could go on really. only Unibet left, but some of my bets go for review before placing so i'm assuming i'll be restricted there too very soon

  8. Every bookmaker i join now i cant deposit straight away i have to get verified with sending card details, utility bills and a photo id as well as a photo holding it absolute joke, sick to death of bookies now.

  9. How many times, especially during the sad bad old days of channel four morning line, did you see big Mac or Tanya or presenters giving out the market odds for a race that day?
    They would say that horse A or horse B was available at so and so odds guaranteed till 9am.
    What a crock of shit that was.
    Most fuckin bookmakers didn't even open till 8.30-9.00 anyway, so you'd have to run like Usain bolt just to fuckin get there by that time, unless of course you lived next door to one.
    The worst offenders were, and still are, fuckin ladbrokes.
    What a mean penny pinching tight fisted bunch of thieving fuckers they are.
    Even at 9am,horse A or B would already be about 25% lower than their advertised so called odds available or quoted by the TV or in the press.
    I don't have any stats but I'd be willing to guess that you could still stroll in any high street bookie at about the same 9am and compare their odds on offer for a race racing later in the day and it would nearly always beat ladbrokes.
    I mean FFS even their name is a warning.

  10. Hi I had my account closed by Betfair for having a £25 ew bet on an 8/1 shot. When I asked them why never told me a straight answer. My account at the time was about £300. Why is this ….?…..?.

  11. Got restricted for the first time on Betfair couple of days ago. Unfortunately I live in Italy and it's not possible to get good odds on Exchange (In Italy the platform is restricted to Italians only and the money on the platform is ridicoulously low). Really dunno what to do now…

  12. Never mind most punters not really understanding exchanges.. reading through the comments it seems like many commentees don’t really understand them either. Exchanges are market determined prices and represent fair value bases upon the wisdom of the crowd. Extrapolate Betfair SP over many samples and it would shock you how correct this mechanism is. Unless you are at least matching exchange prices then have a mathematically -EV bet. Trouble is when you start finding value the bookies restrict you in a nanosecond.

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