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How AdBTC Works

AdBTC is still a new internet site. However, it has been already shown to payout to its members. It sounds promising so far. AdBTC has paid 24 bitcoin to 1,80,000 of its users till date.

The site gains 100 satoshi per ad (0.00000100BTC) on average. The site offers 50+ ads daily. They can go up to 150 satoshi per click. The members will be able to autosurf for separate sites and can possess around 15 satoshi for 1 surf. You can view all sites and makes use of the autosurf option. You can earn about 7000 satoshi daily. AdBTC has 56 sites available at present.

The investment begins at about 20 satoshi. Depending on the length of your advertisement, it can go up to 150.

Pay To Click can make you 7% of referral surfings. However, you also get the choice to sell or purchase your active referrals. The minimum payout of 15000 satoshi is AdBTC. So, 0.00015BTC enters directly into your wallet. More important content about the site.

  • Pay Per Surf: 150 satoshi max.
  • Profit Per Click: 0.000001 BTC
  • Pay Per DR Click: 7.5%
  • 56 sites available

At an average If a person views all sites and also uses autosurf can easily get around 7000 satoshis in a day.
The advertising starts at 20 satoshis PPC for a 15 second ad and upto 150 satoshis for a 60 second ad.

The average gain of site is 100 satoshi per ads ie 0.00000100 BTC, the site offers in average 50+ ads per Day and upto 150 satoshis per click.
You can also use autosurf for specific sites which have around 15 satoshis per surf.

The minimum to payout is only 15000 satoshis i.e., 0.00015BTC via Epay, Xapo or directly to your wallet. The site has paid 24 bitcoin till now to 100179 of its users!!
This webseite is available in English.

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There are 3 Methods of Earning bitcoin from Clicking webseites on adBTC

  • Autosurfing
    The most easiest way to earn bitcoin. You can just click on Autosurf and leave it there , it will automatically go to the next next site to give to bitcoin for each website .
  • Surf in Active windows
    Here you should be on the ad website to get your money . But it will give you good amount of money for your surf.
  • Surf Ads
    It is the normal method of clicking websites. Here you can click on website and can carry on with your other works , it is not necessary that you should be on the ad website . You can open new tab and do other stuffs.

adBTC Refer and Earn

You refer your friends to adBTC and can earn even more.Share the refer link and earn 7.5% from you referral surfing earnings and 2.5% from your referral advertisement spendings

It is no problem if you have no friends who will sign up for adBTC. Here you have a option in this website to buy other users. You will have to pay a certain amount to get the users. And you will earn certain amount each time that user surfs the website.

adBTC Minimum Withdraw

You can withdraw the money to your Bitcoin wallet or Payeer or can convert it to advertisement balance. The Minimum amount is 15000 Satoshis

You can buy users from Refer Market

You can also but users for Low amount and sell them for Higher amount .

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