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I’m always on the lookout for new sites where I can earn some BTC quickly and the one I’ve given a shot recently is BTC Clicks.

I’ve been surfing around the site for a while now and have found that it a good visit for some fast site surfing to earn some BTC.

Once you’ve joined BTC Clicks you will be presented with a page that allows you as a user to quickly click the advertisements that you wish to view and gives the exact amount of BTC you will earn for your view.

The site requires that you stay on the site for the duration of the timer and opening up other tabs will make the counter stop so you will not be able to do other things at least for the 10 to 45 seconds that an advertisement is being viewed.

BTC Clicks is the page that more gains in Bitcoin actually pays me and everything has been through a very simple process but that if patience and perseverance. Banner

The first is that we must set the example and click on the ads every day! of course it is not mandatory but would be ideal. Personally I only get to spend a day but almost always visited ads daily. Clicks BTC is a veteran page and in the world of PTC Bitcoin and constantly new pages are advertised on your system which allows us to find several ads throughout the day and get more Satoshis.
Create video tutorials is the best option to get straight to the heart of a referral future.
You Following the rules without spamming can put your referral links in signatures of some forums (that allow it) and of course comments blogs but that has to be cautious, even better if redirecting a tutorial.
Use social networks like Facebook and Twitter with their respective hashtags works believe it or not! but of course you have to do with grace and originality not delivering links inbox as a robot.

At the end of each advertisement you will be presented with a simple math problem to help the site determine that you are human and not a bot trying to game the system.

Unlike some of the sites that Mike has reviewed this one does not have instant payouts and requires you to reach a minimum balance of at least .01 mBTC which certainly hurts this review a bit as it requires more time and doesn’t give an immediate payout to your Microwallet account.

The sites seem to be decent and I haven’t come across anything that scares me with malware or anything of that nature so at least it seems the owners of the BTC Clicks are at least approving the advertisements by hand and making sure nothing horrible slips in.

I’ve found that this is a decent site but I do certainly have some complaints about the withdraw requirement. Banner

I started as a normal user by adding consistency and with some referrals, I invested in the Premium account. I want to clarify that it is NOT necessary to start earning but the truth is that if you are already getting referrals it really worth buying it for 3 months which is worth about $ 5 USD.
The key issue in any PTC are referrals! And get the results to make a complete tutorial blog solely dedicated to getting affiliates but I'll give you some tips that have worked really me.

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