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Coinbase Co-founder Fred Ehrsam break silence on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin future on platform!!

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Coinbase Review  –  How to use coinbase

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  1. Aaron Lucas says:

    Solid post KG

    1. Kamal Glover says:

      Aaron Lucas thanks I’m keep them coming

  2. Buford C. says:

    Best Bitcoin New or News Source?

    1. Mitchell N Martin says:

      hello i get bitcoin from a mining firm, they reinvest and share the profit , all depending on the plan you subscribe to

  3. chris ce says:

    bro your intro aint speelled right.

    1. Succular Talk says:

      oh the irony

    2. chris ce says:

      yea i know, i did it on purpose to humble me. im weird

  4. DaedalusLV says:

    Coinbase = enormous fee AND YES they own your data. LOL

    1. Paul Fraser says:

      @Un Real . . . . .ok , thanks . . . GDax

    2. M. S. BitEth says:


    3. R.P says:

      Paul Fraser how do u use gdax

    4. Paul Fraser says:

      Yeah thanks . . . . . i did suss that out , then saw a notice saying they didn’t accept GBP £ , so i never got any further with it . .

    5. Paul Fraser says:

      R.P . . . i don’t know , i went on the site and saw they don’t accept British £’s . . . . . i ended up buying Dash and Ethereum on British site Liberalcoins . . .

  5. sopark434 says:

    F&%k Coinbase. Huge fees basically raping your customers .. good job.

    1. Team BeRzErK says:


    2. edt says:

      sopark434 use gdax fool

    3. Gen Lin says:

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    4. John S says:

      Do people really fall for this?

    5. Round says:

      The funny thing is that the fee gets paid off by the 5% daily increase of bitcoin.

  6. freakincrazy6932 says:

    Dtube and steem

    1. Let'sPlay says:

      both trash

  7. luey forje says:

    IOTA already scales what bitcoin cannot, in fact the more user the faster iota confirms and it has zero fees! IOTA has flash network as well like the lightning network but better and free, where the lightning network has an opening and exit fee of the lightning channels. Every tx in iota is free.

    Get yourself a slack invite to IOTA slack before it gets over the limit of users. 22k users as of today, about 400+ new users every 24hours, so you get about 1month left, if you get lucky you’ll be able to sign up before end of September. https://slack.iota.org

    1. Sheri Ucar says:

      luey forje iota and BitcoinCash are working together

    2. MrSen5e says:

      scam this is probably a slack drop

    3. Alex Silcock says:

      luey forje you cant mine iota

  8. amillerinADKs says:

    What’s with the dildo (far right on screen) @2:48?

    1. C7LT says:

      thats a model of the empire state building LUL

    2. Herding Squirells says:

      His name is fred.

    3. FashionistaDesigner says:

      Girl’s got time on her hands..hahaha

  9. Coin Girl says:

    Bitcoin NEVER sleeps!

    1. chrisiden says:

      :)P …i never sleep either because i trade 24/7

  10. Dave Lynch says:

    I wonder of some of the Anti Coinbase folks realize that they are providing a service, and it cost money to run a business. It cannot be free, and get better and grow/retool. Do you expect people to work for nothing? Give me a solid place other than Coin Base for the novice, and GDAX for the intermediate trader that I can trust. I will go to a new system when it is safe and feasible. Some people trade no Craiglist, No Thanks.

    1. Robin Lin says:


    2. William Wright says:

      Dave Lynch Exactly… SMH

    3. emergency devices says:

      Their service is non-existent they don’t care about their customers.

    4. playinem121 says:

      These people are thieves they steal their customer’s funds…do a little research online dumbass before you run your mouth.

  11. reharlan says:

    EOS will fix scalability.

  12. L Joe Brown says:

    I wouldn’t use Coinbase if they paid me.

  13. NooooooooooShit says:

    Use GDAX instead of Coinbase and do not market buy to avoid fees.

    1. emergency devices says:

      Or just use a whole different company that has customer service and better fees.

  14. Let'sPlay says:

    They need to add Ripple to their platform

    1. DA71D says:

      Let’sPlay Ripple is not a cryptocurrency. It’s a platform for banks and it’s centralized which is not what you want lol.

    2. Enlightened Doggo says:

      It would be nice to see them support some more top alts in general. Ripple, Monero, and Zcash. And objectively Ripple is a cryptocurrency… it’s just not bound to Bitcoin ideologically.

  15. Major REX says:

    So basically STEEM = is the new facebook on blockchain!

    1. Great White Crypto Whale says:

      EOS will be it

    2. Douch bag says:

      Social x look it up

    3. realrunner2000 says:

      Major REX nah, steemit is not like Facebook because it’s a blog site, not like Facebook. More like medium or Reddit

    4. Sasha Bakhshi says:

      Never again will some random chick get $45,000 worth of steem for a makeup tutorial

  16. JC80thaBEST says:

    Coinbase can go to hell. damn near 10% in total fees to directly buy BTc.. and yes im aware of Gdax

  17. Kevin Wong says:

    i got robbed, by Coinbase

    1. Mitchell N Martin says:

      hello kevin, how did it happen ?

    2. playinem121 says:

      They have robbed me too Kevin. File a complaint with the California AG…I did and was told that they literally have thousands of active complaint files from customers who have been scammed out of their funds. A bunch of morons on here think it is about fees…they are wrong CoinBase follows a pattern in appropriating their customer’s funds and then denying ID they previously verified in order to deny people access to their accounts and money.

    3. Mitchell N Martin says:

      hello mate, contact so i can help you recover your money my email Id is Mitchellnmartin2277@gmail.com

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