Cointiply Multiplier Walkthrough

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Trying out the Multiplier on Cointiply and seeing if it is worth the time. My reviews and thoughts of this Multiplier will be posted on my official website.


Cointiply is a newcomer among bitcoin faucets.Cointiply is a “Bitcoin faucet”. Cointiply is by far the most profitable and most fun Bitcoin faucet around! Cointiply is a faucet. A faucet is a site in the internet, where you get cryptocurrencies for free. Cointiply is pretty simple and complex at the same time.

Indeed, it went live in February 2018.

Cointiply is a next-gen Bitcoin faucet. Users earn free Bitcoin by interacting and completing tasks.


Cointiply is a new bitcoin faucet with many option to earn satoshi

  • referrals
  • offerwall
  • roll every hour

The simple part is the faucet.
You can claim once per hour. To claim means, that you get some free coins, if you fill out a captcha.Specifically, it is a website that allows its members, every hour, a FREE roll for a chance to win “Cointiply Coins” which later can be exchanged for bitcoin.

Coins? Yes, you don’t earn free bitcoin as such on this faucet. But you can earn coins (or credits) that you can later convert into bitcoins or dogecoins, at the time of withdrawing your earnings.

It provides the user the ability to claim coins, which can be converted either into Dogecoin or Bitcoin once you withdraw.

Cointiply pays in Coins pegged to the dollar, with both dollar and satoshi value shown at the top of your page.

If you claim once a day, you get a loyality bonus of 1 % per day. That means, after 100 days, you get twice the amount of coins.

Is Cointiply a Scam or Great Way to Bitcoins?

So far, so good. But take into consideration that this is a brand new webseite. And we have only a few months of positive feedback from users. So only time will tell if it remains reliable. But as of today, you can trust the company.

And you should be to withdraw your earnings, either to FaucetHub, or directly to your bitcoin wallet. Every time you withdraw, it may take 24 to 48 hours. But you have access to the transaction ID directly from the payment page. Good to know: There isn’t any transaction fee – it’s on the house!



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5 thoughts on “Cointiply Multiplier Walkthrough

  1. Bistler and luckygames very good site too, I saw in a video that a person got 40 Bitcoin in a matter of minutes and had a balance of more than 2000 bitcoin!

  2. the cointiply multiplier is a good game and for me, the best strategy is to win and take but trying to win all at once is very very difficult. so for me, the maximum that I hit is 3 hit and I take it.simply

  3. My biggest bet is 50k coins. You can get lucky and you don’t get scare. You will earn a lot of coin faster

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