I’m A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

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67 thoughts on “I’m A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

    1. It dont matter how much money he has he will always be a geek a very rich geek but always a geek so i guess he can get a hot chick eventually

    1. Not really. It’s based on a technology called block-chain. Google it. It has the potential to revolutionise the world.

  1. I keep asking myself why I never invested in the Bitcoin because look at it now, but I just remembered, I never had the money to invest in the first place… Also, won’t it crash at some point??

    1. Tropical It’s a horrible idea to have all your capital in the bank. Literally the worst thing you can do.

  2. Every year, millions of plants are slaughtered by Vegans. Help end the violence. Donate your bitcoins now, any amount helps 🐄


    1. It’s entirely luck. I had $1000 ready to put on Bitcoin back when they were literally <$1 because I wanted to buy some plants (not weed), the plants would have only come to like $10 but I was like "Well I'll have a bunch of bitcoin if I need it later". Found out literally the only place in the entire country where these plants were illegal was my state, so, pulled out from the bitcoin order and just didn't have it. 1000 bitcoins from like 2010, early 2011? How much "money" would I have now, over 11 million. Oh well. I kick myself over it, but again, it just shows it really is just luck.

    2. HAHA!!! He’s smarter than you apparently. He didnt go out and buy the most luxurious things he put money into a business that he made possible with his small fortune. What have you done? Besides troll on youtube all day?.

    3. St T. I seriously hope that he has more than 2 mill when he’s buying “some” Lamborghinis and either renting a 2k/mo apartment (or if he bought it, probably at least 500k). Although, I assume most of his money now is coming from his companies.

  3. Can’t wait to see all of your faces when he spends a million US dollars on fake GTA cash, talking about his next big venture, Avatar Trillionaire.

    1. Why would he do that? It takes alot to not sell bitcoins when they reach a high value. And you think some game could drive him into spending his money? It’s pretty ironic.

  4. Haha, that’s funny, how he tells the high school story, what that teacher told him; he behaves like he actually achieved something with his work, while he was just lucky. Good for him, but c’mon! Don’t lose your mind, kid!

    1. I have no idea who that is. But judging by google results, he actually earned his money with hard work, and investments were calculated. Unlike early bitcoin millionaires, completely different worlds.

    2. didn’t you pay attention to the video, where it said that he created a learning app/website at the age of 16 /17? or that he is working on building another company? I mean, the video wasn’t only about bitcoins, and trading currency is a lot more difficult than you think, honey 😉

    3. No, I haven’t. Point me that out please, where he speaks about how he worked for the financial success. Cos from what I’ve seen, that’s completely opposite – he’s investing money right now, into those platforms. I’m Senior Software Engineer, I know what bitcoin is, and what it takes to trade cryptocurrencies. It’s not as hard, as you’re tryinng to prove.

    1. It was a good idea in 2011, but how much higher does he think that it will go? I hope he has a good accountant, or that he knows finance and can diversify, because the way he’s spending, 2 mill isn’t going to last long.

  5. If you wanna earn bitcoin, wanna know something about it, ask me. I can help you to buy, to invest, to get rich and so on ^^ I know many about it !😀

    1. Starting a business shows his mental drive, Work creates opportunity, opportunity creates luck. Luck creates everything

    2. goldpenguin00 as he said he was fortunate enough to have a grandma that gave him that money and he made the right thing with it

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