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At The Seventh Sense, we built a platform that allows you to personalize the delivery time of every marketing message you send. Today it only supports Hubspot, however Marketo is coming. Using this approach, our customers are experiencing single, double, and in some cases triple, digit percentage increases in engagement. Furthermore, using this approach has a significant impact on decreasing unsubscribe rates and getting through SPAM filters, but that's icing on the cake.

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So everyone agrees that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send out an email campaign. Unless your competitors live north of Winterfell, they probably have heard this sage advice as well. This means that you’re facing a ton of competition by sending out emails on the “recommended” days and times.

Traditional “best time to send an email” numbers are being thrown to the wind as user habits change across devices. The standard mid-week, mid-day makes perfect sense for desktop users who are opening emails at work. Mobile users, on the other hand, tend to be pretty active even late in the evening.

The tips above are considered general best practice advice for email marketing. However, there are many, many, situations which quickly challenge the classical suggestions above. 

It’s worth noting that although activity on mobile devices is plentiful on nights and weekends, a Brafton study shows that 55% of consumers open emails on desktops, while only 25% open emails on mobile devices. However, this study was done in 2013, and with users growing more reliant on mobile devices each day, these number could easily change. I also suspect that as businesses learn to craft more mobile-friendly emails, we’ll see greater email open rates on mobile devices.

Hi Edwin!That sounds good man!Just be very smart about this. Because you will get clicks and people will see your website – but the main question is; “will they actually take action?”You get what I mean?It all boils down to CONVERSIONS.You gotta work on your conversions and keep on Tweaking, Split-Testing, and such.Do that until you start to learn what actually works and makes people take action on your website (landing pages).This is a great way to start building an Email List. This is actually how I started building one of my lists online.I wish you the best, Edwin! 

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