Coinbase Withdraw – Basic Bitcoin Training Video

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29 thoughts on “Coinbase Withdraw – Basic Bitcoin Training Video

  1. hey do you know that
    “Also, if you want to learn how to fund your coinbase account in the same day, watch the video below” that video is not working.. i think it says its not there

  2. So if you request to buy some at $730. and it takes 4-5 business days and lets say the price is now $800. which price do you pay?

  3. What I don’t like about ‘coinbase’… that sell to you at a premium. Example, if BitCoin is trading at $1500, coinbase says it is 1507 and then they also charge a fee on top of that.
    Similar to buying silver, you have to pay a price above spot and then you also pay a ‘premium’ fee. Coinbase is taking fees and manipulating the true current prices. Have others also noticed this?

  4. right now Coinbase requires the ID to have completed verification for each account, do we need to upload ID photos to buy or sell Bitcoin here ?

  5. The problem with coinbase. Their chat customer service most of them, when you ask them critical questions. They seem clueless, which is very disturbing. Beside that nice website. But their reps needs to be more knowledgeable of their sites and products.

    1. Coinbase’s Chatbot technology is one BIG JOKE. When I asked a question it when into a continual loop! The dumb machine, it refused to let or refer me to speak to a human being~!

  6. omfg coinbase is a ripoff
    never use this site ever stay aways from it
    all it did for me was take money out and not buy any bitcoin kept taking out 2$ here 4$ there all they did wa take fees and yet still no bitcoin in my wallet

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