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What is Pure Leverage all about?

Pure Leverage is part of GVO and it is a platform that offers members a suite of marketing tools essential to those who want to market their business. The company was launched on March 4, 2012. 

Basically, Pure Leverage covers two sides of the online industry, It provides marketing tools, but it is also an MLM that enables members to re-sell the tools and system to make additional money from commissions. In short, you can promote PL itself and make money from the program or you can market your own products or offers by using only the tools. 

pureleverage reviewPure Leverage provides tools like an Auto-responder, lead capture page system, conference room and video email service. To top it all in one sentence, Pure Leverage combined all the necessary tools to run your online business in a single platform. 

The very first deed and the first tool in your PureLeverage supplies suite you will need is a very exalted quality intend pass prey system. If you are terrible at cobweb design, if you detestation all the “techie” stuff and your aptitude in adcopy writing are less than desirable, then plague no more. Our team of supplies specialists along with Joel’s experience and government have put together what is unquestionably the best transmute optin pages online. This system will automatically capture the name, electronic mail and if you want a ring number of people who are interested in joining your home supported profession earnestness. Once you register a landscape, the system comes with a pre literal motorcar responder series scriptory by our adcopy specialists propose specifically to get your prospects to know, preference and expectation who you are. When your anticipation arrive to faith you, they will naturally want to buy from you and join your nine..

Who is the Founder of Pure Leverage?

pureleverage founderPure Leverage is part of GVO and it is run by Joel Therien a successful Internet marketer and also owner of the ever popular 7 minute workout program that changed many life’s through his exercise program that is also combined with MLM. 

GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) has been founded in 1999 and it is a well established company that provides autoresponder and hosting services for many successful 

n addition to the A-to-Z home study course, there are other tools that are supposed to be easy to use and very effective.

Pure Leverage includes the following tools:

Pure Leverage - Elite Coaching Program

Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars or more for proper internet marketing coaching?
Here at Pureleverage we will teach you everything you need to know to build a very comfortable business from home in the direct sales industry. In fact, we guarantee you can be in profit in less than 30 days.

You will be recruiting new prospects into your business without ever making a single cold call guaranteed!

  • Proven attraction marketing techniques that will have all your prospects calling you.
  • How to motivate your team and increase their stick rate from months to years.
  • How to leverage your team to create predictable monthly and residual income for life.
  • Learn the steps on how to pick up 18 paid signups into your primary business everyday without having to make a single
  • What to say to prospects so that you know you have the "right type" of people on your team.

Pure Leverage - lead capture system

 If you cannot build web pages, this is a system that allows you to put up pages that allow you to collect leads.  It also includes pre-written follow up emails that you can incorporate into your campaigns.  This caters to the lazy marketer and is intended solely for the promotion of, you got it, Pure Leverage.

It is no good having these sort of lead pages if you don’t understand how to get traffic.  The Elite Coaching focuses on attraction marketing, not the principles of traffic and without having a solid understanding of how to properly build out a website you are not going to be able to effectively get traffic (without paying large sums of money for paid advertising).

The very first thing and the first tool in your PureLeverage marketing suite you will need is a very high quality designed lead capture system. If you are terrible at web design, if you hate all the “techie” stuff and your skills in adcopy writing are less than desirable, then worry no more.

pureleverage leadsOnce you register a prospect, the system comes with a pre written auto responder series written by our adcopy specialists designed specifically to get your prospects to know, like and trust who you are. When your prospects come to trust you, they will naturally want to buy from you and join your team..

  • Build your list to 10 000 subscribers
  • Simple “point and click” system, no “techie” experience necessary at all.
  • Complete turnkey autoresponder and lead system targeted for your primary MLM or direct response business.
  • Complete ad copy and autoresponder series written for you designed to get your leads to know, like and trust you.
  • Track your open rates, click through rates and conversions in one simple graphical interface.
  • Tons of professionally designed squeeze pages that convert as high as 50%!

Pure Leverage - Live Meeting Room

Unfortunately there are much better services better than the Live Meeting Room service offered within Pure Leverage, namely Google Hangouts.  Most people these days within the MLM world are using Google Hangouts and it offers everything that the Live Meeting Room offers and then some…and it is free with any Google Account.  

You can get a free Google Hangout account here.Again, the intention of this service is to help folks within this program help build their downline, it is not actually a tool built for business and it is inferior to every video conferencing tool that professionals and niche marketers online would actually use.  Like I said, there are free tools like Google Hangouts that are superior to this and paid services like GoToWebinar that offers a much better, more established service.


Pure Leverage Marketing

Pure Leverage is an online chance that leverages the dominion of its member base to occasion YOU money without experiencing the common challenges, problems, or pitfalls that most go through when attempting to start a successful home based business.  PureLeverage has surprising products and benefit, but also has 100% commissions.  Yes, I said One Hundred Percent Commissions.  Many people believe the PL compensation scheme will revolutionize the internet marketing ring as we generally know it.  The founders at GVO think this application will renew sustainable and recurring incomes month after moon.  In fact, Joel and the gang from GVO are confident that their top earners will make anywhere from 10K to 100K per month.  Yes, PER MONTH.

Pure Leverage -Video Email Service

You are going to see a theme with absolutely every “tool” included within the Pure Leverage service.  The Video Email service is simply another system built around getting you to promote Pure Leverage to others.  The product is the promotion of the product itself and building as big of downline as possible.  It has nothing to do with the actual quality of the service.

Being available by a pre-recorded video provides the best form of communication. Simply choose your template, record your video, and then with a click of your mouse, send your video message to your whole team directly to their inboxes, or by posting it on your blog!

A great video allows your downline members and your leads to come to know you at their convenience. If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million more.

Sending videos via email is nothing new and there have been high level of complaints in regards to the delivery rates of the autoresponder service.  No delivery = no opportunity.

pureleverage marketing

Is Pure Leverage International?

Yes, you can sign up from anywhere in the world as long as you have a valid credit/debit card and email address. If you plan to promote Pure Leverage you will be required to pay the $19.95 monthly fee that will include your card to receive payments. The card can be used at any ATM almost anywhere in the world. 

What is Pure Leverage, and what can it do for me?

Let me address these both so you can have clarity on why you need to join the movement.

It’s no secret that Internet Marketing is the new economy, and people are searching
it in droves, desperately seeking a solution to a downward economy.

However, very few people will get the chance to unveil “The Secrets” to really
making money online successfully.

With Pure Leverage, our goal is to educate you on the ins and outs of the
Internet Marketing industry, while allowing you to earn while you learn.

We are an affiliate program that provides each member with an Internet Marketing
"Tools Suite" that allows you to get started in 15 minutes or less, sharing what you are
"Passionate & Knowledgeable" about.

This "Tools Suite" encompasses everything you need to get started making money
on-line TODAY!

- An Authority Blog (completely set up &  ready for YOU to add YOUR content)

- A full fledged "Turn Key" Autoresponder  so you can follow up with your prospects,
 customers and contacts like a pro!

- Fully Hosted Webinar Software  start broadcasting to the world 24/7,
 it's like having your own TV Station.

- Video Hosting & Recording Software.  have your video live with a few clicks
 of a mouse.

- Video Email - yep WE Have that too!

This same blog platform is set up to also market for you to your website visitors,
allowing them to learn more about our program through high converting ads that
will be housed on your blog.

AND ... we payout 100% commissions with our AWESOME business model too!

For any member that joins as a product of your referral, you will get paid very well.
We payout 100% of what each member pays, which can easily add up to a very lucrative
income for you.

Pure Leverage Commission

How This Benefits You?:

#1: You’ll be in the company of Internet Marketing gurus (we like to say 'Do'rus, as they are really making
a living on-line) you have access to all their strategies used to make 5 and 6 figure incomes online. REALLY!

#2: You’ll make money despite your lack of knowledge about the industry by following the lead of various experts
that share their marketing strategies.

#3: You get a shortcut to success by not having to do everything and figure everything out by yourself.

#4: You’ll have mentors that can show you the ropes.

#5: You can leverage what you learn to begin branding yourself online, which will help you attract others who
view you as a leader.

The benefits of this program are endless. The key is getting started ASAP so you can tap into a network of
professionals that want to see you succeed.

AND... start generating 100% commission payouts!

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