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Review of the Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform Mintos

In this video, I’ll tell you about the Peer-to-Peer lending platform Mintos that I’ve been investing on for many years now. I’ll show you how you can create an account there, and then start investing in Peer-to-Peer lending loans. I’ll also show you my current returns and how to completely automate your investments.

To learn more about Mintos, I wrote an in-depth review that you can find here

You can also directly check the Mintos platform:


  1. FrozenArrows says:

    awesome, mintos is great, can you make similar review on divident stocks ? degiro or some site like this that is in europe ? thanks, i am big fan of yours 😀

  2. Melanie Kovero says:

    Thank you. Very well explained.

  3. Lachhab Regragui says:

    Is mintos an old one ? Is it not a scam ? Because I heard lending platforms are scams

    1. Marco Schwartz says:

      Mintos is definitely not a scam, you can see on my article that I’ve been investing for 3+ years now

  4. Tomislav Mališ says:

    Hi, thanks for good video. Can you please show an example of depositing money to your mintos account using transwise? I’m not sure where to fill my investor details. Thanks in advance

    1. Marco Schwartz says:

      Hi, thanks! I’ll make a video about that, but you can simply paste your ref number given by Mintos just at the last step of the TransferWise transfer process 🙂

  5. Paulo Moniz says:

    I like mintos a lot too.

  6. Raminta Voronaviciute says:

    Thank you, Marco, for the great video! Have you ever tried to deposit the money to your Mintos account through Paysera?

    1. Marco Schwartz says:

      Thanks! Never tried it, but I am using Transferwise for deposits so I guess it would work just as well from Paysera.

  7. Amos Dalmeri Fiorino says:

    Hello, can you use a prepaid card with iban to make deposit and withdraw? Thanks

    1. Marco Schwartz says:

      Hello, not on Mintos, you need to make a bank transfer to deposit money

  8. Ангел Маринов says:

    how to deposit funds with paysepa where is the bank accaunt and IBAN

    1. Marco Schwartz says:

      You can easily find all the IBANs to transfer money inside Mintos once you open an account 🙂

  9. mimimaxime says:

    Cc, tu fais comment pour l’imposition en France ?🙄

    1. Marco Schwartz says:

      Peer-to-Peer lending is usually taxed as interests (just like savings accounts), so I declare it as interest on my annual tax return

  10. Marco Schwartz says:

    Thanks for watching this video! Here’s a link to the review of Mintos that I mentioned in the video: https://marcoschwartz.com/mintos-review

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