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How To Stop Paying Coinbase Fees

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Stop paying ridiculous fees on your hard earned money! If you don’t have a Coinbase account yet, sign up here for $10 free:

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Hope this helps.


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  1. Will collins says:

    Man I wished I knew this before. Damn I wasted allot of cash for nothing.

    1. Coin Mastery says:

      You and me both homie, better late than never tho

  2. MrMadnelsen says:

    You’re the best man! lmao #lifehack

    1. Coin Mastery says:

      Stay woke, get paid

    2. Crypto Noobster says:

      #cryptohack 🙂

  3. joeypsu says:

    can you do a video on best wallet and how to go from Bitcoin back to USD with lowest fees? Thanks Man

    1. Dikianify says:

      joeypsu will it work with a vpn?

    2. Corey C says:

      joeypsu JM BULLION takes Bitcoin. They even give you a better price than paying by card.

    3. Captain Cold says:

      Is it real ? Where can we sell and buy gold or silver with btc/cryptos?

  4. Alien Hunter says:

    Next time I safe a fee there because of this trick, I will send it to you in Ł or BTC…

    1. Coin Mastery says:


  5. Low-Risk Long-Term says:

    Nice trick. Doesn’t work here in Canada. Only available in the US though…

    1. 123abc says:

      C Moe It’s not just the VPN. GDAX deals with US fiat in which a Canadian would need a US account and a US payment processor.

    2. 123abc says:

      Juicy Dicksss HUH??

    3. P says:

      Trade N Chill yes 🙂

    4. lukebromsgrove says:

      its at 9000

  6. Joan Tron says:

    Thanks for the great vids!

    1. Coin Mastery says:

      You bet

  7. Robert Tarter says:

    I have paid over 1,000 in fees to coinbase, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Coin Mastery says:


  8. Shaun Rosenberg says:

    I will have to remember this.

    1. Coin Mastery says:

      Save $$, bank profits

  9. J W says:

    You just saved me $400! I want to tip you, is your btc address here somewhere?! This worked for me on a market order where I guess i paid the small point 3% but can not get it to take on a LIMIT order??!! I discovered you this week and am subbing to everything!

    1. Simon Riley says:

      +RichyRichGames he’ll give you the tip alright

    2. Mike Leininger says:

      Simon Riley just the tip? Lol

  10. smportis says:

    Sweeet! Thanks Carter!
    I’d love to see a show on all the tools you use, when and why you transfer to your Trezor (and in what crypto), what platforms you buy/sell on, and maybe a few ideas on creating a startup portfolio. Would you invest differently if you had $1000, $8000, or $15,000 to start with? How did *you* start?

    Are are you tracking trades to USD and from USD for tax purposes? Node40, Libra and other solutions popping up.

    We are learning these things slowly by watching your shows, but getting a complete end to end picture is tough.

    1. Coin Mastery says:

      Going to start doing more of those kind of videos for the Saturday Series, stay tuned

  11. Junaid Casim says:

    I’m confused with the 3.99% fee and standard 1.5% fee… I’ve heard people say the 3.99% fee is if you buy via debit/credit card and the 1.5% fee is if you buy via bank, but what’s the difference – I thought credit/debit card IS bank? I’ve linked my Santander debit card to Coinbase and its a 3.99% fee, how would I be able to get the “standard 1.5% fee”? Thank you 👍🏼

    1. Stephen D. says:

      Reason they charge more is because fraud is about easier with credit card

    2. William Fugere says:

      Dre Dejong you can deposit money from your bank into your coinbase USD wallet, then when it’s available you can trade instantly

    3. WrittenInFilm says:

      The fee is higher because it’s a lot easier to chargeback if you pay with a card, but if you pay with ACH (bank), then its much harder to fraud your bank/business into refunding the money

  12. Dorian Sanders says:

    does this work in Germany?

    1. Coin Mastery says:

      Not sure about EU – check Coinbase support

    2. Dorian Sanders says:

      Already checked it, it works! Thanks very much!

  13. Kevin Brink says:

    I believe you can deposit directly to GDAX. Just skip Coinbase altogether, I’m not even sure you can just deposit fiat to Coinbase. I think you have to go into Coinbase directly with a trade into a crypto.

    1. Ron Prachunbarn says:

      1. In Coinbase go to your Accounts, 2. you will see USD Wallet, click on it and click Deposit, 3. choose Bank Deposit or Wire Transfer, 4. type in the amount you wish to deposit, 5. click continue and accept. Keep in mind that deposits from your bank account will arrive in 5 business days so plan ahead. Done.

    2. ogechi aguma says:

      Ron Prachunbarn how do I verify my GBP wallet? I already have one form of ID verified -my Driving License. Do I need a second ID verification? If yes what else did you use?

    3. Ron Prachunbarn says:

      Adding a credit card and a bank account is like a 2nd verification on Coinbase. CB will make a small debt on your CC or bank account, log in to your bank to view the debt amount, then you need to type in the amount they debt, to confirm your account funding.

    4. anyau92 says:

      but it takes longer time? does this work for people living outside of the US?

  14. Alex says:

    does this work the other way from btc to USD ?

    1. Alex says:


    2. Coin Mastery says:

      There is a market taker fee of 0.30% when you sell

    3. Alex says:

      Even if you put a limit order on the book for BTC – USD?

  15. Just Raze says:

    Amazing – thanks a ton man!

    1. Coin Mastery says:

      You got it

    2. Evan Schubert says:

      Coin Mastery if you were selling bitcoin would it apply to that also?

  16. Marc Mauro says:


    1. Coin Mastery says:

      First time i’ve ever heard that one

  17. Brandon Belcher says:

    Love it bro..Thanks so much!!

  18. Jonathan Casares says:

    Thank for the info

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