The #1 BIGGEST Mistake In Football Trading [Stop This]

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14 thoughts on “The #1 BIGGEST Mistake In Football Trading [Stop This]

  1. Nice video Ben, its nice to know someone out there cares about our mindset which is very important to each individual, we all deal with this in different ways and hopefully we come out the other side with new vigor and not wanting to give up, try and try again. 👍

  2. This is a great video Ben. You are totally right. But one point … I think "Lack of discipline" is overall the BIGGEST mistake. All other mistakes happen because of that. The fear of missing out, overstaking, chasing losses, wrong bank management, not keeping records, jumping from one system to the next one, etc. It took a while, but as soon as I managed to stay 100% disciplined I became successful with my betting/trading.

  3. Actually one of your most simple and probably most valuable videos Ben, this should be added to playlists and watched periodically to check if any of the mistakes led by FOMO have happened in the last week/month – or better still remind yourself every day of the pitfalls that are there that can be easily avoided to build a regular profit – good work !

  4. Excellent as always be Ben !! Been applying some of your ideas before I saw this because I realised that if I kept on doing the same things I was going to get the same results ! So actually did the paper trade thing for a whole week… had to restrain myself from trading and simply learned a hell of a lot in the process. Got back into it, used discipline and narrowed down my strategies and didnt worry if I missed a game because there was plenty of others. Guess what ??… Im going up in my bank ))))

  5. Im only 5 wks into trading after many years of mb, i maybe had fomo on monday night, hardly any football on. But i did get on the wolfsburg game as the stats and info fitted with my strategy. I got on and made £4 from a £20 outlay, i feel justified but at the same time i did feel earlier in the day that i really wanted to trade as i lost 3/4 on sunday. What do you think? Was i chasing my losses from the previous day or acting on a good opportunity?

  6. Ben, a really good video. I always take heed form what's said by someone who has been there and done that!! It has obviously happened to you in your earlier days of learning to successfully trade the sports market. It's good of you to take the time to reminds us all of what should be important to us to be successful in our sports trades. Thanks again and well done.

  7. nice video Ben. I can relate alot to this video especially as I have only just started my journey with trading 3 months in and I am not making any profit but keep going back to square 1.

    I am one step ahead and just papertrade on Friday from my select list of games that took place. each strat that I put down for it won… very frustrating to know I could be in the profit for the month but didn't get involved social media and your live trading lounge is great but I noticed better results if i stay out of it during matches

  8. All very goood advice Ben. Last Sunday I was watching the West Ham v Man Utd game with a view to betting on the over 1.5 goals market. It was such a boring first half that I actually went to sleep. You can't trade when you're unconscious.

  9. I agree with this video and I'm only 5 minutes in. Thing is with me it's so frustrating sometimes as you can watch hours of football and 'miss' the opportunity because of a goal or waiting for the right price as suggested, feels like a waste of time.

    But I guess it comes down to discipline again and biding time.

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