Udimi SoloMailer

Payment Protection

All the payments go through Udimi. I always deal with Udimi, no matter what seller I have chosen. In case of any problems I can easily solve them with Udimi.

Traffic Quality

Udimi has developed a unique traffic filter for solo mailing. This filter automatically clears traffic, saving my money. I don’t even need the statistics. It is easy as it is: useless and fake traffic does not pass through; only actual visitors count.

udimiNo more routine

I don’t need to discuss the details with the seller and send an ads text all the time. The system automatically saves my information and uses it in further deals.
I may forget about difficulties on the seller’s sites, because even a payment pattern is the same for all the sellers.

Save time

I can buy 20 different Solos in 2 minute – you can’t do it anywhere but at Udimi. I just add Solos to the cart and make a single payment.


There is a fixed amount of time for every action in the system. It excludes any misunderstandings, because everyone has the same expectations. I know, that I will receive Solos in 100 hours (otherwise I get a refund), and urgent order will be done in 5 hours.


In case of problems I don’t need to ask for refund and spend my time arguing with a seller. In case I didn’t get a refund, I will receive a refund automatically.


Every seller has his profile with the ratings of the buyers just like me, and these ratings can’t be deleted. That is why I am sure about each of the sellers. In the wild market negative ratings are always deleted and you will never know how many of them were unsatisfied, got a refund or didn’t get Solos.


I can filter sellers if I want those who provide their customers with the sales. Not just clicks but with actual sales. Only Udimi has that kind of statistics anywhere. And it’s a fact, not just rant.


Udimi was created by those who had developed Safe-Swaps 10 years ago. Due to their enormous experience, they have studied all nuances of Solos. They even have a list of banned sellers (more than 2000 people) and number of filtered clicks. That is why I am so confident about Udimi.

How to by Udimi Solo Mails

Go to Find Sellers section and use filters at the top to find a seller who suits you best.

How Udimi Filter Works

Udimi click filter saves your money as you don’t pay for junk or useless traffic; nerves as you get automatic refund, if anything goes wrong; and time as delivery timeframe is the same for all sellers. You will always get all visitors on time!

Udimi sell visitors and that’s our business. Udimi connect you directly with real sellers. If the seller’s traffic is mediocre, you’ll never come back to Udimi.

That’s why Udimi dedicated to quality: Udimi control entire process: from payment to traffic delivery.

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3 thoughts on “Udimi SoloMailer

  1. Great work on in this website! This is great. I would recommend Udimi. Its a safe place to buy and sell advertising. Their filter system guarantees delivery of quality clicks.

  2. Nice, I would recommend Udimi and AmitSoloAds. Both of these are great and known for quality and transparency. AmitSoloAds give 25% commission on every order and thats lot higher than Udimi. That has helped me to get some handsome income every month.

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