5 Ways to Build Passive Income

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Imagine earning money while you sleep, while you travel the world. Doing exactly what you want to do with your life. This is not a fantasy anymore. Making money with your computer and automatize it to work for you, is not just for the high tech entrepreneurs anymore. Anyone with a computer can benefit from this opportunity.

While this can complement your current income this can definitely replace your current income and be a sort of stay at home job but a little better since it will be generating money no matter what you do.
The main things that we talk about in this video are.
Youtube and how you can really make money by living your passion. You can connect your you tube channel to a google adsense account and start earning money with your passion.

Affiliate marketing, Here you can also use your socila media to sell products of others for a commission. This is a great option because you do not have to create a product yourself.

Create your own product. Similar to affiliate marketing you can use social media to sell your product. Main difference is, you keep all profits! I have met many people who become very rich by selling their own products online.

Kindle publishing. With the popularity of ebooks and the simplisity of being part of the movement you can write and create your own eBooks with Kindle Publishing. You can Even delegate the writing process!

Drop shipping. Here you find whole sellers who’s products are popular and you sell them at retail price online.

Network Marketing. There are many people who are very successful with this type of business.

Amazon FBA. Here you buy a wholesale product, you create a brand label and ship them straight to amazon. The Amazon Holds, Full fills and ships your product so you won’t have to.

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48 thoughts on “5 Ways to Build Passive Income

  1. Awesome Video Bro. I’m blown away by the concept of Passive Income. I’m working really hard now on assets so I don’t have to later in life. Thank you for the video. Keep them coming

  2. hey brother thanks so much
    very very important for me is video
    Thanks brother I m wattting four next video …

    1. +Mohammed Nizamuddin Thanks man. Always appreciate your comments! We got an awesome video coming in a couple days !

    1. +words13100 I personally get to avoid much discussion on this. Simply because I am not very knowledgeable on this subject.

    2. I like your channel, but please do some research before posting things as if they’re facts. Network marketing is usually a scam and people lose their time and money more often than they make it.

    3. He makes suggestions to create ideas for you, but it’s up to you to do the research. Stop trying to get babied and do your research yourself after you gain some insight thanks to his videos.

    4. if network marketing does not work, it is because the person doing it does not work lol 😛 if you work you will get eventually. If you don`t want to call people all the time or if you don`t want to ask people, take them to meetings and or sell products then it is never going to happen meaning you lose money.

      Pyramid scheme is how people call it that have seen it but don`t know what it is.

    1. +TheMoosFrequency got for you man ! Can’t cash out until you make at least 💯 bucks !
      Thanks for watching man!

  3. Thanks for the insight. I’ve been thinking about starting my own channel. I only have my smart phone to record. Is there any editing software that you would recommend for low or no budget?

    1. +Rahsaan Heard I don’t know any at the moment but I’m sure if you a little research you’ll be able to find some

    1. The Better Men Project Unfortunatly I have closed my MultiLevelMarketing and Dropshipping business just because I found a better opportunity to make more money in a shorter period of time. As im 18 years old I really think creating my own entrepreneurial life(a business) and have to lose some time with the driving school and such… I just hope for the best to come!

    2. jondavid54 yes, why do you doubt that? Hehe but as i said i dont do some of thrm anymore because i have something better.

  4. Hey! Better Man,
    How are you? I love your valuable and informative videos I’ve gained a lot info from them.
    I truly appreciate it!
    Thank you so much.

    1. +Sam Loeb I am doing very well! How are you?
      I really appreciate your comments. We will keep doing more just for you guys

  5. I have tons of views but still only make about $1 a month and I can’t even cash out. This is lies. Something is broken.

    1. +Chris Hernandez depends what tons of views mean. It also depends on how monetizable your content is. You gotta learn How YouTube works 🙂

  6. I have watched a few of these, it is not easy to get there, but once you are there it is smooth sailing from then on, but it will not happen overnight, if it does happen overnight for me, I will share the info in one of my videos. PLEASE NOTE: passive income still requires some ACTIVE input otherwise it dies, it is like a plant that you have to water at least once a week.

  7. Your content is very well explained and you should include more ways to build passive income with a bit of start up money

    1. Definitely! Thanks for the awesome comment !
      We’ll be putting together more videos on the topic!

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