What is Bitcoin?

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39 thoughts on “What is Bitcoin?

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    1. Don’t use that bullshit, and mining with a PC isn’t really profitable anymore unless you don’t pay for power (Like me). Been mining for a week now with Nicehash and I’ve made exactly $25.02 at the time of writing this with a GTX 1060

  3. What is Bitcoin? It is a dangerous merger of money, technology and spying. It’s promoted as the solution to the failing financial system we live in today. But Bitcoin / Blockchain is not a solution to the collapsing financial system and the failed institutions (banks, corporations, etc.), because this IS the new world financial order created by the elites, the bankers and the corporations in their attempt to create one world currency. MR ROBOT (financed by USA Network, owned by NBC Universal, owned by COMCAST) promotes it covertly, the WARBURG family promotes it overtly and very aggressively (Bettina Warburg, see Ted Talks) as well as GOLDMAN SACHS (See blockchain video on GoldmanSachs youtube channel). Why? Because if you couple it with the disappearing of physical money + bail-ins + capital controls + “snooper charter”-like laws, you have full spectrum financial dominance over 7 billion people.

    Bitcoin also bears the classic tells of a psyop where they always try to play it off as some grassroots or underground movement in order to make everyone want it and bring in their trojan horse. They are doing the same thing with human chipping. It’s exactly what they did with Trump. It’s like toying with children for them some times. “DON’T VOTE TRUMP” ! The globalists loudly proclaimed. “He’s our sworn enemy”. What do the masses do ? Even the people who are allegedly in the truth movement ? Give them exactly what they want.

    This Blockchain he is talking about is the perfect trackable technology, it’s the beginning of the microchipped population (not in their wrist yet, but in their wallet). They underline the fact that Bitcoin is decentralized. We don’t care about that… that’s not important. What’s important is that ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS (intimate s**t, things you are not proud of buying, pharmaceutical prescriptions, ALL ALL ALL of them) being tracked, stored and made accessible to your insurance company, to the big brother state, the police, the FBI, CIA etc. Are we really out of our minds??

    There are so few people that are able to see this dark reality of mass control by use of virtual money …Just watch the movie IN TIME (2011) and look how the currency (i.e. time, crypto-currency, electronic digits, etc.) was tracked in that movie… amazing…

    The problem with bitcoin, eCoin any virtual coin and all crypto-currencies or virtual digits in the bank is that all transactions are virtual, public and ultimately traceable. Orwellianly so : “backdoor, side door” etc. We need currency that is impossible to trace, real (not virtual) and non-dependent on electricity or internet, in order to maintain some privacy and control.

    1. Xavid Yk they already can trace things you’re not proud of, even if you paid cash, gold or whatever. If they want to find you, they will easily and quickly grid or no grid, electronics or not. Short of finding a new planet that can support humans and living a agrarian existence a la Amish with no centralized government of any kind, it’s way too late to stop it.

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  5. I remember how some guy was mining bitcoin back in the days where it was super cheat & bitcoin was worth nothing he mined over 3000 bitcoins and gave up and thrown away his computer & setup out of no where the price sky rockets & till this date the computer has not been found because if it has, you will be a rich person with over 330 Million!

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