What is Bitcoin Mining?

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What is Bitcoin Mining? Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin is generated? This short video is an animated introduction to Bitcoin Mining.

Bitcoin Mining is a shared PC process used to secure and confirm bitcoin exchanges—installments starting with one client then onto the next on a decentralized system. Mining includes adding bitcoin exchange information to Bitcoin’s worldwide open record of past exchanges. Each gathering of exchanges is known as a piece. Squares are secured by Bitcoin diggers and expand over each other framing a chain. This record of past exchanges is known as the blockchain. The blockchain serves to affirm exchanges to whatever remains of the system as having occurred. Bitcoin hubs utilize the blockchain to recognize real Bitcoin exchanges from endeavors to re-spend coins that have just been spent somewhere else.

What is Proof-of-Work?

Bitcoin Mining is deliberately intended to be asset escalated and troublesome with the goal that the quantity of pieces found every day by diggers stays consistent after some time, delivering a controlled limited money related supply. Singular pieces must contain a proof-of-work to be viewed as legitimate. This confirmation of-work (PoW) is checked by other Bitcoin hubs each time they get a square. Bitcoin utilizes a PoW capacity to ensure against twofold spending, which likewise makes Bitcoin’s record permanent.

How Does Mining Create New Bitcoins?

The basic role of mining is to enable Bitcoin hubs to achieve a safe, alter safe accord. Mining is likewise the instrument used to bring bitcoins into the framework. Excavators are paid exchange charges and in addition an appropriation of recently made coins, called piece rewards. This the two effectively disseminates new coins in a decentralized way and also propelling individuals to give security to the framework through mining.


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45 thoughts on “What is Bitcoin Mining?

    1. It’s basically scum and causes people who are trying to make a gaming pc have to spend 2 times more cash because miners are causing manufacturers to bump up prices

  1. What the **** does any of this mean? I can chop at a rock with a computer and get a virtual coin out of it after I answer a few math questions from a text book?

  2. It’s kind of funny to see all these people frightened because they “can’t see the money”. Ok, so can you see the money on your bank account? If you make an online transaction, have you really seen the transaction taking place? We have trust in these systems not because we can see the money, but because we can expect something in exchange for the currency. I believe that if I earn 10€ I can buy stuff worth 10€. And if you have 1BTC you can expect something in exchange for it too.

  3. Anyone educate me on what these “math problems” are? And like, why people get paid to get computers to solve them?

    Not a hate post. I just… don’t understand…

    1. So basically its giving incentive for people to connect their PC’s together and create in essence a super computer for company’s wanting to solve complex algorithm’s that dont want to spend the money for a super computer of their own ? ….lolz

    2. “Hey at this minute one bitcoin worth 473,37$” and next guy says “Basically I figured out i’m too late to get into the game.” classic; BTC is almost at $10K each (ofc he might’ve meant too late to get into mining, but still BTC investing would’ve been huge even 2 years ago. What do we expect in the future 2 years?

  4. O.K. So I have watched a few videos on this now (this one being the least helpful tbh) and I think I have a good idea of how this whole Bitcoin thing works. The question I am still left with though, is why this currency has value? Like I get that the value is representative of “work done” in the form of mining code or whatever, but why does mining this code create currency that actually carries value? People say things like “it’s representative of the investment made in time, hardware and electricity by an individual” but that still doesn’t explain where the value of the currency came from. If nobody is paying people to do these math problems then why are they being paid for doing these math problems?

    Also on a side note, hypothetically, if everyone were to accept Bitcoin as the first global currency and do away with banks, wouldn’t it be overwhelmingly unfair to those who can’t make the investment to buy super computers to mine these coins? Wouldn’t we end up in a situation where anyone who jumps on the mining band wagon early, ends up rich, and those who don’t, end up poor? Even though these “miners” have done literally nothing to benefit society as a whole, and have just burnt out some pricey GPUs, and wasted a tonne of electricity. Food for thought…

    1. A Writer Knows I guess that answers my question to what exactly we are mining. We are essentially solving problems to verify purchases/exchanges made with bitcoin?

    2. ReggaeGandalf value is not imaginary. If you have a certain supply in relation to demand however much you have of what’s in demand has its value determined by the demand. If you have been without water for 3 days and have only a small glass of water you are going to tell me that the value of it is imaginary? Is your thirst imaginary? Is it imaginary between 2 people is Death Valley? Supply and Demand set value, it’s not imaginary but sometimes can be blown out of proportion

    3. I’m well aware there is gold in phones and a lot of electrical devices. Hence why you have places like mazuma mobile, they buy old phones and take the gold. I agree my comparison to hold was a bit off. The point I was trying to make is gold doesn’t actually have any more value than copper. You can have an iPhone n laptop if ye want but I’d prefer to live in a house with heating and plumbing lol. The reason why gold had the value it has had is merely because its “rare”. How rare is gold?
      I can’t remember the exact time but I believe it’s 600hrs per oz? My issue with that is the same issue I have with diamonds. People have faith in this materials because it’s been currencies for millennia. I don’t know much about Bitcoin n canny be bothered to research. I invest in silver n own sum small stocks only. I was just trying to point out the fact that in a war you can have as much gold as you want, in fact have whatever currencies… Fiat, metals, paper…whatever. The only thing you need is water, food n air. Seeds are free..you buy fruit once, u plant the seed and you have fruit for free. To obtain gold I have to actually go and buy land where gold is mined.. Then put in the labour to find it, yes we use gold in technology now but for thousands of years it wasn’t so it’s barely irrelevant. And tbh the amount of gold within these items are so minuscule. Like how many iPhones you need to make an oz of gold? But people still value material things higher. Gold being one of them. That’s the only point I was tryna make tbh. I don’t care bout Bitcoin. If we all had 1million pounds worth of gold would it still be valuable ? 😁 hmmm food, water and air is valuable no matter how much other people have around me

  5. who is providing the bit coins for solving these math problems and why do they want them solved. this explains nothing.

  6. Great…now I know which processor to use…but I still don’t know wtf is bitcoing mining

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    1. What’s sad is, this spam will probably work on some people, a lot of the people that come to videos like this aren’t very technologically educated, so they fall for stuff like this. The replies from fake accounts make this believable, luckily an internet veteran like myself sees through this foolery.

    2. stop with your dumb fucking scams no one will believe them like this go back to scamming on the phone you fucking goat fucker

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