What is Bitcoin?

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The most watched Bitcoin introduction video ever. Updated in April 2014, this video explains how bitcoin works and the importance of this paradigm shifting technology.


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63 thoughts on “What is Bitcoin?

  1. ─────────▄──────────────▄

  2. You guys should have explained that anyone can be miner, as you never specify this people will think the miners are “the owners of bitcoin” or “the servers of bitcoin”

    1. +Juhász Levente What? So you pirated a game from untrusted source and got a bitcoin virus then taught you a lesson which you should have known from having a PC in first place? Not even a single anti-malware program while torrenting? LOL.

    1. Bitcoins are what computer hackers and scrappers find on old hard discs that people forget and no longer want. Easier and less riskier than mining them, more profitable than being the tax-man, and freeeeee! LOL

  3. So I got here because of the game like previously mentioned. The first thing out of my mouth was “YOU MEAN ITS A REAL CURRENCY?!” Am I the only clueless one?

  4. my mom and dad called me bitcoin back in the 90s as a nick name and i copyrighted it in 2004 so yeah…

    i’m gonna sue bitcoin for copyright infringement and get rich, haha can’t wait!
    if u want to be my friend or girlfriend wen i become rich message me… k? kbye

    1. +tnizz17 IANAL, but AFAIK you cannot copyright a name. Try to sue them for trademark infringement.
      This is not legal advice.

    1. Only Stoners think that there’s some a revolution needed the government is there in regulation is needed to keep people from f****** each other and doing bad things cryptocurrency is scum

    1. always look at the bigger picture, buy into bitcoin aroudn 4500 to 5500 it could get to that price before it reaches 10k

  5. Serega Mariupol 2013 (Заработаем с Серёгой) Познавательный канал о заработке в Интернете says:

    Я тут один русский ??? ((((

    1. Serega Mariupol 2013 (Заработаем с Серёгой) Познавательный канал о заработке в Интернете Очередной виртуальный МММ?))

    1. Pretty agree ! Even if by experience, contracts about mining usually aren’t so effective or rentable ( or u have to buy a special expensive one )
      Do you know Invia World, Sarah ?

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