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What is Bitcoin?


The most watched Bitcoin introduction video ever. Updated in April 2014, this video explains how bitcoin works and the importance of this paradigm shifting technology.



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  1. Kaizenhuman says:


    1. Hunter says:

      You must be a fan of Dogecoin.

    2. Nexus Juzz says:

      +Hunter Tyree thanks captain.

    3. Omer Faruk says:

      Doge <3 Its gonna my favorite, just awesome

  2. Type-59 says:

    You guys should have explained that anyone can be miner, as you never specify this people will think the miners are “the owners of bitcoin” or “the servers of bitcoin”

  3. Juhász Levente says:

    i recently got a bitcoin miner virus on my computer which also ruined my 1000$ pc.Thanks Obama

    1. Alex Lee says:

      +Juhász Levente What? So you pirated a game from untrusted source and got a bitcoin virus then taught you a lesson which you should have known from having a PC in first place? Not even a single anti-malware program while torrenting? LOL.

    2. Jaiden Sowers says:

      +Alex Lee The logical solution would be to purchase the game.

  4. Lemaire says:

    This is how people buy illegal stuff on the Deep Web right?

    1. StOrM Mitchell says:

      mads larsen it is $10900

  5. leo lim says:

    Okay, now what are the cons?

    1. edward phillips says:

      The how to to gain forever and never lose THE HOW OF SUCCESS !

    2. Enver Overend says:

      Bitcoins are what computer hackers and scrappers find on old hard discs that people forget and no longer want. Easier and less riskier than mining them, more profitable than being the tax-man, and freeeeee! LOL

  6. Evelyn Ayala says:

    So I got here because of the game like previously mentioned. The first thing out of my mouth was “YOU MEAN ITS A REAL CURRENCY?!” Am I the only clueless one?

    1. Louis Ligault says:

      +willpower0208 Except that it does not work like that

    2. MrQuader4 says:

      +Thunderfist HammerFuckGooglecock It’s not play money when you can buy real things with it.

  7. MeeshMellow says:

    Dammit I want a cat in my room, but I accedentally spent 5 hyper it’s on coins… Stupid… STUPID COINS

    1. BrickArmouryStudios says:

      I have one 🙂

    2. 【FURMIGUINHA Z】 says:

      BrickArmouryStudios i have 51

  8. MsJoshisfat says:

    Thanks for the free hyper bit

    1. Mert Yildirim says:

      Yes thx!

    2. Yin Yang says:

      +MsJoshisfat wow your profile pic fits with the comment

    3. MsJoshisfat says:

      +RainbowSheep 1233 thanks m80

  9. tnizz17 says:

    my mom and dad called me bitcoin back in the 90s as a nick name and i copyrighted it in 2004 so yeah…

    i’m gonna sue bitcoin for copyright infringement and get rich, haha can’t wait!
    if u want to be my friend or girlfriend wen i become rich message me… k? kbye

    1. sz gal says:

      +tnizz17 IANAL, but AFAIK you cannot copyright a name. Try to sue them for trademark infringement.
      This is not legal advice.

    2. Qwerty BC says:

      +sz gal Plus, they don’t even know the real creator of the damn thing .-.

  10. Enmanuele Pericles says:

    Get on Bitcoin NOW or cry forever. Thank me later.

    1. Anthony Wijaya says:

      Leotrim Haziri Learn more at bitcoin.org bro

    2. Otaku Keem says:

      wtf it peaked at $7000

    3. Anthony Wijaya says:

      BTC is still growing, go invest guys or you’ll regret for not being rich forever.

    4. Anthony Wijaya says:

      MineCrafterCity He probably own many houses and cars now. 😂🤑😂

  11. blaaaaaaaaahify says:

    Bitcoin it’s not just a currency, it’s a revolution.

    1. NU VLOGS says:

      Only Stoners think that there’s some a revolution needed the government is there in regulation is needed to keep people from f****** each other and doing bad things cryptocurrency is scum

  12. Gumball Watterson says:

    I want free gems. Need a kitty. :3

    1. davian lopez says:

      Do you do the glitch with bitcoins

    2. Manuel Pilarczyk says:

      +davian lope

    3. tommy dog says:


    4. QwertyPc Gaming says:

      B…but you are one?!

  13. John Malkovich says:

    Own 1 BTC now = be rich in 20 years.
    If you don’t get this fact already you’ll cry later.

    1. CryptoKeen says:

      always look at the bigger picture, buy into bitcoin aroudn 4500 to 5500 it could get to that price before it reaches 10k

    2. Gadgets&Co says:

      now 28500000 $

    3. Mai-Tai says:

      Rama Krishna are you feeling stupid yet

    4. Maka Laster says:

      I’m already crying when I had .05 back in 2016 and I spent it on LSD.

  14. fasehed says:

    I came because of bitcoin billionaire gotta get those hyper bits

  15. Paianni says:

    As used in Equestria. 😀

    1. Leo Echo says:


  16. Serega Mariupol 2013 (Заработаем с Серёгой) Познавательный канал о заработке в Интернете says:

    Я тут один русский ??? ((((

    1. Иван Волков says:

      +Serega Mariupol 2013 Не.

    2. Piavka says:

      нет я тож

    3. Tuan Anh Pham says:

      Нет я тут один русский )))

    4. SergeyVorobey1988 says:

      Serega Mariupol 2013 (Заработаем с Серёгой) Познавательный канал о заработке в Интернете Очередной виртуальный МММ?))

  17. Solar Bunny says:

    I came from Bitcoin Billionaire

    1. Cameron Pacula says:


    2. Samantha K. says:


    3. SugarQuote says:

      +Solar Bunny I just came…

  18. Rusty Balisong Foundation says:

    Let’s get this over with and give my my hyperbit, dammit

    1. Dionte Tube says:

      MasterSmasher sad times

  19. Sarah smith says:

    If anyone here is interested in learning how you can mine bitcoins yourself, you can read about it here https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/306841

    1. Marketing TB says:

      Pretty agree ! Even if by experience, contracts about mining usually aren’t so effective or rentable ( or u have to buy a special expensive one )
      Do you know Invia World, Sarah ?

    2. dandelion says:

      Sarah smith is that you in your profile pic

  20. LispyLeaf says:

    Bitcoin is how i made bank

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