What is NHL Team Strength Oscillator and how to use it?

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5 thoughts on “What is NHL Team Strength Oscillator and how to use it?

  1. How do you know where to draw the support line? From what I'm seeing, you had the line on top for a certain game and vice versa on another game.

  2. Trying to use this with the MLB Oscillator this to analyze baseball games & still confusing. For example comparing today – 5-30 chart of Colorado/Cleveland which looks similar to Phoenix/LA Kings chart in the video. Very similar – to me – lines trending down yet you indicate LA (bottom (red) line) should be favored. In MLB chart Rockies (upper blue line) tagged w "Ice Cold Up" & Indians (bottom red line) tagged "Ice Cold Down". How would you analyze this? 
    Also, how to you open the capture & line draw tools.


  3. Hello, 
    can you tell me what is the second system what you using ? I mean this panel with this blue pen what you using on this oscilators and graphs. Thanks a lot.

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