Zcode Line Reversals Easy Video Tutorial

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4 thoughts on “Zcode Line Reversals Easy Video Tutorial

  1. I’m not certain why this is called ‘line reversal’ as nothing at all has been ‘reversed’. It’s simply that the odds have shortened and odds shorten all the time. They lengthen too to attract more money. And certainly when it comes to horse racing, there is no strong correlation with shortening odds and the greater chances of the horse winning (except of course in some cases when the horses have been set up for the race). The other downside to this methodology is that you are generally betting after the odds have moved so you’re getting the worst of it by accepting lower odds. As with all statements like mine there are going to be many exceptions but I would like to see the ROI betting blindly on all shortening odds at say 5 mins from the start of an event. I doubt it will be positive, or only positive with a strict set of curve fitting filters that won’t walk forward. We can all curve fit in hindsight but the real test is to walk those curves forward….

    1. Name of things and techniques are not so important. Only the results speak. In the end, the ZcodeSystems speak the winners’ language because their results are globally excellent.

    2. Totally agree with that. After the odds dropped by sharp signals most Value is gone. But maybe the winning rate increases that much that it’s worth it as well. I don’t trust but I don’t have the time to check it out myself.

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