Zcode Results & How it works. Road To Million challenge

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25 thoughts on “Zcode Results & How it works. Road To Million challenge

  1. have to agree. low value/ short odds betting is not a good idea. good review- made me hesitate to buy it. however I would like to know the range of odds provided. if they are mainly above 1.5 to evens then that's better.

  2. My friends been keeping me updated with his bets he made 2300 CAD in 6 days, he started out with $50. He doesn't usually bet more than $100 he said, and a lot of his bets are high return. He got me hyped about it, but this I 100% agree with this video and don't think it's reliable. The fast money seems nice but idk if it's worth the stress.

  3. the 150$ to a million chart over 12 years, can you set that up with your automation programm? Plus do i need to sit in front of the computer to get the signals or is there a way to get push notifications or even better something like a copy betting service where the bets were placed automaticly? Thanks for a future answer!

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